Prosperity is not Materialism

I have learnt that the remedy for error is not to continue fighting it but to consistently and courageously present the truth. An error has many faces and it is constantly changing but the truth endures forever. There have been so many accusations against the church by some who believe many of the challenges the church is facing right now is caused by what some called “the prosperity gospel” or “prosperity message”. This is causing a lot of confusion and has made it more difficult to address and deal with the real issue. What we cannot pretend about is the unnecessary and superfluous attention and respect that we have given to materialism and mammon. What people often complain about as “prosperity message” is most times, materialism and the love of money. 

It is not possible for genuine prosperity based on the word and the will of God to be a bad thing. On the contrary, materialism is bad and the LOVE of money is clearly and evidently the root of all evil, as the bible teaches. We serve a prosperous God and He wants us to prosper in all that we do. There is nothing unholy and impure about the “prosperity message” as long as it is not presented beyond what it is. All nations of the world are seeking prosperity, it is also a good thing for all men to be prosperous. The gospel is a prosperous message. We cannot separate prosperity from the gospel that has brought us salvation.

However, it is very crucial for us to understand that prosperity is MORE than just the acquisition of money and material things. Prosperity should be manifested in all areas of our lives. The prosperity of our souls is of utmost importance to God. This position is buttressed by Jesus, teaching that it is unprofitable for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul! The purpose of prosperity is clear, it is for GOOD works and the advancement of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prosperity should bring glory and honour to God. 

Many people are being ruled by materialism and the love of money but they don’t even know it. When men begin to manipulate others, deceive other people, steal public money and engage in all manner of practices to make themselves rich at the detriment of others, it has nothing to do with prosperity. Whether it is done by a leader, a pastor, a father or a politician, it a manifestation of a selfish and insatiable love of money and materialism. This greed is not of God and it is simply not the gospel!

Do not attack prosperity, instead, stay away from every form of materialism and the love of money.

God’s blessing

Lekan Wellington Adegunwa