Safe Journey for All

Safety is the most important part of any journey. If safety could be guaranteed, we would not mind to pay more or even for the journey to take a little bit longer. Life is a journey. We are all sojourners here on earth! We need to travel well, enjoy the journey and get to the right destination.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105 (NKJV)

God’s word can guide our everyday steps. The word of God is a lamp, a candle, a light to our feet. God leads and shows us the way we should go. There are so many unknowns on the journey of life but the word of God can guide us safely through every challenge without stumbling. Thank God for experts, professionals, leaders and all those people that could help us in the journey of life. Be sure of this, they are all human and are very prone to mistakes just as you and me. The word of God is perfect, righteous and profitable to lead us in every life endeavour. 

The word of God is not just to guide our steps, the word of God sheds light on our way. We can see the big picture; we can see beyond today. God’s word illuminates our path as He teaches and guides us into His plan and purpose for our lives. It is so beautiful to be clear on the path that will lead you to your desired destination. God’s word is our faithful compass, a perfect satellite navigation, leading us to the best destination regardless of any distractions that may be on our way.

Notice this, there is no need for a lamp or light to them that are spiritually blind. Only those whose eyes are being illuminated by the Spirit of God can be guided by the word of God. Another great reason to be born-again. 

With God leading our steps and illuminating our paths, we are sure to have a safe journey. I pray you will enjoy your journey and will get to the destination that God has ordained for you. Embrace the word of God.

You are blessed,